Open Door Day organised by the STADE C2D in Ebolowa, South Region

Open Door Day organised by the STADE C2D in Ebolowa, South Region

The STADE C2D organised an open door days on the 22 of August, 2019 to present their activities carried out for benefit of the population of the South Region.  The pen door day took place at the Regional School of Agriculture, Ebolowa.

The event was open to all. However, active participants included the staff of the STADE C2D, representatives of the French Development Agency, members of government and the different programmes and projects under the STADE C2D fund. Among these programmes was the PCP-AFOP Programme who was there to present activities particular to the programme since its creation in September, 2008.
The PCP- AFOP Programme is a national programme that works for the Renovation and the Development of Agro-pastoral training in the Cameroon. Concretely speaking, the PCP-AFOP Programme trains and settles Cameroonian youths in the agricultural, livestock and fisheries sectors in order to create wealth, employment and to revolutionize the agro-pastoral sector in the country. The renovation programme that support the training of youths is built to respond to the social, economic and political demands of their environment.
To attain the above mentioned objectives, the PCP AFOP Programme leverages on existing training structures which include agro-pastoral training schools and centres which the Programme renovates in relation to infrastructure, pedagogy and governance.
In the South Region, the renovation programme covers 16 agro-pastoral training structures which includes 04 training schools that receive postsecondary students and 12 training centres where post primary students are trained in the various fields that constitutes the agro-pastoral sector. Agro-pastoral training in the centres prepares the youths for the creation and management of their own farms.
The Programme’s intervention in the South Region has led to the renovation of labour force.
To this date, 1614 Cameroonians youths has been trained and 1083 are currently under training in the 16 training structures covered by the renovation programme. After training, all the youths trained in the centres are eligible to support for the creation and the development of their farms. This support includes financial assistance (of about 1.5million francs) and consistent follow-up by a settlement counsellor for at least 02 years. Agro-pastoral Entrepreneurs trained in the schools have equally been given eligibility to the same quality of support by the program with a slight increase in their financial package (around 3million francs).
Generally, in the South Region of Cameroon, about 444 youths have benefited from the settlement support of the PCP-AFOP Programme with a total financial assistance of about 659million francs CFA allocated for the creation and the development of their farms. The settlement of these youths has resulted to the creation of employment and wealth in the region.
As far as the creation of wealth is concerned, the youths have tilted their production towards 04 main fields. To this date, they have created 296 hectares of cocoa farms, 14 hectares of plantain farms and have produced 868 pigs, 25810 broilers. They have created employment for themselves and for 239 other youths in their communities.
Given that most of the settled youths found it necessary to organise themselves in groups to solve the different problems they encounter in the development of their farms and agro-pastoral enterprises, the Programme decided to support their initiative through further training, follow up, funding competition, and booster funds. We are therefore looking forward to the development of about 13 agro-pastoral production areas that will take the lead in the agriculture, livestock and fisheries sectors in the South Region.

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